Forster Friendly Competition 2024!
Congratulations to all of our members who took part in the Forster Friendly Competition over the weekend! Everyone competed with their best effort, as well as showed amazing spirit and sportsmanship. We're proud of everyone's results and personal performances! David and Claire Tennant, Archer and Spencer Lim, Penny and Jasmine Sako, Hayden Barker, Kaden Wong, …

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2022 Nowra Hapkido Grading and Seminar
Over the weekend, Mr Justin travelled South to Nowra to run a Hapkido Grading and Hapkido Seminar for Eclipse Taekwondo, who have just recently began their Hapkido journey! The group was made entirely of White Belts, however everyone who attended showed great skill and spirit, and we're looking forward to seeing them all continue to …

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2022 Spring Black Belt Grading
In our final Grading of 2022, the Black Belts did an amazing job! All eighteen candidates went all out and performed at a very high level across all disciplines including Technical, Poomsae, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Knife Defence, Ground Defence, Sparring and Board Breaking. Each student excelled in their specialty and also showed improvement and …

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2022 Spring Gup Grading
We don't know what our students had for breakfast on Grading Day, but they're performances were absolutely fantastic! The Gup Grading for Spring was a great sight to behold, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Over 120 students took part in the Grading for their next levels and truly gave it their all! There …

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2022 HDMA Club Championships
The HDMA Club Championships made it's triumphant return this year in 2022! We were so excited to finally get back to seeing our members participate alongside each other in the spirit of friendship and competition! Everyone worked hard to give their best performances, which lifted their competitors even further and made the day a blast! …

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2022 Spring Hapkido Grading
Not to be shown up by our Taekwondo group, the Hapkido students put on a great performance through the Spring Hapkido Grading. It was a fantastic event full of spirit, skill and energy. Each student showed what they have been perfecting throughout the last few months in both Self-Defence and Weaponry disciplines. We are looking …

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2022 Winter Gup Grading
On Sunday August 21st we held out Winter Gup Grading for Colour belt students 7yrs and older. It was a full day of all students performing through a wide range of technical exercises including Technical Skills, Poomsae, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Sparring and Board Breaking. We were also lucky to host Grandmaster Sam Loiacono, our …

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Black Belt Grading – July 2022
On Saturday, 17 of our senior members attended their Black Belt Grading to test for their next level in their Beyond Black Belt Journey.As expected, they all displayed a high level of knowledge and skill, and we could not be more proud of the performance they put forward! Each member displayed their ability in Technical …

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