We believe that the lessons of Martial Arts should apply in all aspects of life. We teach our students to carry their behaviour with them at all times. To assist with setting goals and staying ACCOUNTABLE for behaviours both inside and outside the Dojang, we are proud to present our Martial Artist Home Checklist! This is a completely optional checklist for use at home for any families wishing for a little extra assistance in setting some improvement goals for their children.

The Martial Artist Checklist covers the three key areas of a student's life: Martial Arts, Home and School. The Checklist is extremely versatile and can help you target some key areas for improvement. Each Key Area has three broad outcomes for students to focus on. As a parent you can choose any or all of these areas the discuss with your child and set some goals on improvement and effort.

Some suggestions for ways to use the Martial Artist Checklist:

  • Print it out and stick it on the fridge! It's a great way to remind all of us that Martial Arts Values apply every day in every way!
  • Each outcome is followed by a blank area. Fill that area with some form of Check (Ticks, Stickers, Stamps, Stars, Smiley Face ) when your child shows improvement or achieves a goal in that Value.
  • Set a goal! Encourage your kids to earn their way to grading or another reward by earning their checks in all or a specific value!

If you would like any assistance or advice on how to tailor the Martial Artist Home Checklist for your children, please speak to one of our instructors at the Dojang!