Hills District Martial Arts was started 40yrs ago by Grandmaster Sam Loiacono. Since our inception, we have striven to provide the very best in Martial Arts education to the Hills community. We are proud to continue the legacy of Grandmaster Sam for another 40yrs of success!

We are Sydney's premier location for Martial Arts education. Our unique system comprises a blend of physical techniques, social etiquette and supportive culture to help you on your Black Belt Journey and Beyond!


To create a thriving Martial Arts school without compromising Etiquette and Culture.

To continue to lead by example and be the best Martial Artists we can, developing physical and personal skills.


We believe that a Martial Artist is more measured by the quality of their actions and behaviour than their ability to kick and punch. At HDMA, we emphasise creating a great culture, and we use the physical aspect of Martial Arts as a way to develop the inner self. A Martial Artist must not only strive to develop a greater sense of self-appreciation and confidence through hard training, but should also encourage the same development in those around them. We are a family at HDMA and endeavour to bring out the best in each other.

Our philosophy on training is simple: Learn, Sweat and Smile.

Each class should consist of some new knowledge, a good workout and most importantly enjoyment. Martial Arts is definitely a serious undertaking, however an enjoyable training session is always the most effective. What do we expect from our members during a training session?

Do your best.

Follow the rules.