Your belt is an iconic and important part of the Martial Arts Dobok (Uniform). To the outside observer, it may appear to be a simple coloured article of fabric just being used to hold your uniform together, but to the Martial Artist, it is much more! Most Martial Arts use a belt system to signify your current rank, skill level and experience within the Art.

Your Belt must be tied at all times. If it comes loose, face away from the front and correct the knot.

Your Belt must be tied correctly. If you need help, ask one of our friendly instructors!

Your Belt should not be tossed aside or put on the floor under any circumstances. You should not disrespect the symbol of all your hard work.

Your Belt and rank is not a license to demand respect from others. Act with respect to others and they will act in kind.

Your Belt should never be waved at others to indicate rank during lining up.


Your belt represents all of the hard work you have done, and is a reminder of all the hard work ahead of you. You work long and hard to earn your belt and you should be proud of it! The way you treat your belt and your rank shows others your respect for the art of Taekwondo, other Martial Arts and yourself.

Check the video for instructions to help you learn to tie your belt. Your Instructors and fellow students will always be happy to lend a hand while you're still learning, so don't be shy to ask!

If you are still learning, or are in the middle of exercising and your belt falls off, always FOLD and HOLD until a good moment to tie it up, or an Instructor is able to assist!