It's never too early OR too late to start Taekwondo! Our Adult Taekwondo class has students from the age of 17yrs and older in a great training program suitable for all ages. Advance at your own speed with no pressure to keep up with others, and learn those skills that you've always wanted to have but never had the time to learn!

In day to day like it's easy to forget to look after yourself while you're busy studying, working or looking after the kids. The Adult Taekwondo program is perfect for all of those wishing to accomplish different goals, from getting fit, learning skills, increasing focus and protecting yourself.

Now is the time to start, don't let another day go by without fulfilling your dreams! Flexible timetable is available for Adults with classes in the morning and evening.

Adults learn our full Taekwondo syllabus. This encompasses a wide variety of kicking and striking techniques, Poomsae (Patterns), Sparring, Board Breaking and Target Drills. Each class is presented with a fitness aspect to help increase physical strength, well-being and flexibility. Taekwondo works best as a part of a balanced lifestyle, and brings great results with a healthy diet and good sleeping habits.


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