Our Minis, Kids, Juniors, Youths and Teens could not have a fantastic Martial Arts Journey without their dedicated parents! We appreciate all of our hard working parents who make the trip with our kids and help them achieve all of their goals!

To show our appreciation, we would like to offer the parents of our active members to TRAIN FREE UNTIL YELLOW BELT! We want to help you get started on your own Martial Arts Journey! It's always a good time to get started, and we have flexible classes in both the morning and evening to suit your schedules!

Dropping the kids off at school or working from home? Come on in to our morning sessions (9:15am Tuesday/Thursday) and start the day off right! Need to blow some steam off after a long day of work around the house or in the office? Come to our night classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7:15pm)! Have a flexible schedule? Mix and match morning and night sessions!

This offer includes:

FREE HDMA Joining Fee

FREE Uniform

FREE Training Until Yellow Belt (or 31st December 2023)

FREE 9th Gup Grading

NO Lock in Contracts

This offer applies to ONE Martial Art per person. After you achieve your Yellow Belt, we hope you will continue to train with us onward towards your own Black Belt! If you are a parent of an active member who is already training, you can start a second art using this offer!

Please contact us by email at info@hillstkd.com.au or come and see us at the Dojang to get started!