One of the most important aspects of Martial Arts training is DISCIPLINE. To maintain a safe and productive Dojang, we expect all members and family spectators to follow our club rules.

As a STUDENT, following the rules is an important part of your training in Respect and Discipline.

As a PARENT, we ask that you help set the example for your child by showing that rules are important and to be followed at all times.


Please remove shoes before walking on the mat.

Please keep noise to a minimum.

Please supervise young children at all times.

Please eat food outside of the center.

Please keep the Dojang neat and tidy at all times.

Please treat Instructors, Students and fellow guests with courtesy.


Always bow before entering or leaving the training area.

Instructors should be addressed as "Sir" or "Ma'am"

Students should not lean against walls or touch the mirrors.

Be respectful when speaking to instructors and each other.

Techniques must never be used outside the Dojang except in training or defence.