Hapkido Grading APRIL 2024
Our Hapkido Program is certainly producing many skilled Martial Artists, and it is never more clear than at Grading day! Congratulations to all members who graded and the supporters who came along to help as partners and spectators! Hapkido is a mixed Martial Art full of a multitude of different technical skills and it was …

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2024 Q1 Gradings!
The start of 2024 has been full of impressive performances and great results for many of our students! Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to attain the next level in their disciplines! We have had two GUP Gradings so far, and each has been fantastic to watch. We love seeing our students celebrate …

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UPGRADE your Training with Hapkido!
If you're interested in Self-Defence, look no further than Hapkido! Hapkido teaches many valuable skills that will assist you in bringing your Self-Defence skills to the next level. For the next month, we are inviting all current members training in either Taekwondo or Weaponry to upgrade their training with Hapkido sessions! This is available to …

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End of Year Gradings
As we wind up the year, we have seen many spectacular Gradings! A massive congratulations to all of our members who have moved on to the next level in their Black Belt and Beyond Black Belt Journey! We are always proud to watch our members continue to grow and reach their milestones! In the later …

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2023 August Gup Grading
Congratulations to all members who attended the August Gup Grading over the weekend! They were two smaller Gradings, however the energy that each member displayed in their performance was enough to fill the entire room! The Junior Taekwondo Grading showed huge improvement in their Poomsae and Sparring, and their Kihaps were powerful and impressive!The Youth …

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PARENTS train FREE to Yellow Belt!
Our Minis, Kids, Juniors, Youths and Teens could not have a fantastic Martial Arts Journey without their dedicated parents! We appreciate all of our hard working parents who make the trip with our kids and help them achieve all of their goals! To show our appreciation, we would like to offer the parents of our …

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Hapkido and Weaponry Gradings
Congratulations to all members who have graded recently at our Hapkido and Weaponry Gradings! An absolutely fantastic display from all involved! Our Hapkido program is rapidly developing consistent and powerful self-defence practitioners, with great control and knowledge. A special mention to Shannon Sandlin on achieving her 1st Dan Black Belt! Our Weaponry Program is our …

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Forster Invitational Championships 2023
Our small but skilled team took on the Fortser Invitational Championships over the weekend. Each member worked hard to leave their mark on the competition and came away with some fantastic results! The total medal tally between 7 players was 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze. Our students contested the Individual Poomsae, Contact Sparring …

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2023 April Gup Grading
Excellent performances over the weekend at the Gup Gradings. Our students from 7yrs and older put their heads down and did their best, producing a great Grading Day. Congratulations on your results to everyone who participated, and thank you to all parents, caregivers, friends and family that continue to enable our students to attend classes …

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2023 March Gup Grading
Congratulations to all students who successfully passed the first grading in 2023! We ran three awesome sessions in our new Grading System and everyone stepped up fantastically! A further congratulations to our brand new Black Belt Students; Stella Goh, Brett Johnson, Freya Perrin, James Calabro, Lucian Paterson, Mikayla Ngo and Kaden Wong. We're looking forward …

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New Grading System Launching in 2023!
We are excited to announce our New and Improved Taekwondo Grading System in 2023! These changes have been made to help elevate our students by allowing more flexibility in Goal Setting and better suit each student's individual path. Here is all the important information you need to know! Kids and Minis GradingsThese will continue to …

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2022 Nowra Hapkido Grading and Seminar
Over the weekend, Mr Justin travelled South to Nowra to run a Hapkido Grading and Hapkido Seminar for Eclipse Taekwondo, who have just recently began their Hapkido journey! The group was made entirely of White Belts, however everyone who attended showed great skill and spirit, and we're looking forward to seeing them all continue to …

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2022 Spring Black Belt Grading
In our final Grading of 2022, the Black Belts did an amazing job! All eighteen candidates went all out and performed at a very high level across all disciplines including Technical, Poomsae, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Knife Defence, Ground Defence, Sparring and Board Breaking. Each student excelled in their specialty and also showed improvement and …

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