It's been a long break, but HDMA is reopened for in-person classes on Monday October 11th!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back over the next few months, setting up for a great finish to 2021 and a successful 2022 ahead! A big thank you to all members who continued to train throughout the lockdown, those who have already booked their classes, and everyone who continued to be supportive over the last few months!

If you have not yet booked your classes, make sure you contact us via email on to book up to two classes to attend each week. Once restrictions ease, we will be able to bring back our flexible training timetable.


If you would like to reactivate your membership, return after a long break or start brand new, contact us on! We're looking forward to seeing everyone back as soon as possible. Make sure you're quick, as classes are filling up fast.

Make sure you are aware of the following rules and regulations that help us stay COVID SAFE and in line with NSW Government Regulations!



At this time, all students 16yrs and older require double vaccinations. Please submit a copy when you book your classes via email!

QR Code Check Ins

Students are required to check in prior to class. Over 18yrs must check themselves in, students under 18 are recommended to have a parent check in for you!


At this time we will not be hosting spectators to ensure we can maintain density limits with the staff we have available. Thanks for your understanding!

Face Masks

Students over the age of 13yrs are required to wear a face mask during training.



As usual we scheduled our Hapkido Grading for a regular Thursday night, nothing unusual about that! However we had a suprise special guest brought along by Master Sam! Grandmaster Hwang and Master Lee from the Korean Kido Association attended the Grading as Special Guests. Nerves were high, but everyone put in a massive effort and performed at a great level.

A massive congratulations to our two newest Hapkido Black Belts: Dave Common and Noah Grofski! They both showed extensive knowledge and skill in all Hapkido principals and we are proud to welcome them to Black Belt.

Master Hwang proceeded to hold an impromptu session for our attendees with some inspiring demonstrations and advice for the future of our training. It was a very valuable experience for all involved.

Now is a great time to get started in Hapkido, get a head start on your training for next year! We meet on Monday nights at 8:15pm and Thursday nights at 7:15pm!