Our small but skilled team took on the Fortser Invitational Championships over the weekend. Each member worked hard to leave their mark on the competition and came away with some fantastic results! The total medal tally between 7 players was 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Our students contested the Individual Poomsae, Contact Sparring and Breaking events. Contact Sparring involves competing against an opponent to score points by kicking the chest protector of the opposing fighter, as well as managing your distance and avoiding the strikes of the other player. Individual Poomsae places competitors against each other in a technical display of skill using Patterns. Competitors are judged on Power, Focus and Technical Skill. Breaking shows the focus and power of the players by having them break wooden boards with technical actions. Competitors score points based on Technical Skill, Accuracy, Power and Spirit.

Congratulations to our team on a great result!

Spencer Lim – Gold (Poomsae)

Lola Perrin – Gold (Poomsae), Bronze (Breaking)

Archer Lim – Gold (P), Silver x2 (Sparring)

Bryce Lawson – Gold (S)

Ayden Lee – Gold (S), Bronze (P)

Freya Perrin – Silver (P), Bronze (B)

Elliot Judge – Silver (S)