The Teen & Adult Weaponry program comprises techniques from several styles of Martial Arts involving the Sword (Mok Gum), Long Stick (Jang Bong) and Filipino Sticks (Baston). Students learn a variety of techniques including Striking, Blocking, Manipulations, Partner Drills and Patterns.

Students learn Beginner to Advanced Techniques following a full Grading syllabus. Our program comprises both practical defensive techniques and advanced control and demonstration skills for a truly dynamic and exciting system!

Each class is presented in an enjoyable but disciplined way, with a focus on control while learning interesting and exciting techniques. This allows our memberss to gain valuable skills as well as respect and control for their weapon. The weapon is an extension of the body and is never taught to be used irresponsibly or dangerously. We endeavour to ensure our classes are always as safe and enjoyable as possible for all!


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