At HDMA we have a wide variety of systems in place to encourage our students to set goals and work on their self-improvement. These systems are implemented across our classes to provide a measurable benefit to our students, which assists in creating positive habits and developing confidence and good behaviour inside and outside the Dojang.

The Point System

During the course of regular class, an Instructor may award your child with a point.

When awarding a point, the instructor will say "One Point" to the student to which they will reply "One Point Maám" or "One Point Sir"! This will continue adding until "Four Points Maám" or "Four Points Sir". The student can then see their Instructor after class for their reward.

Should a student achieve a total of four points in a single class, they will be given a reward to recognise the achievement. These can change daily, and include patches for the uniform, stickers, stripes (TKD Kids Class only) and others.

This system is about encouraging our students to continue to set and strive towards goals. Parents can assist by setting goals with their children and encouraging them to work towards achieving and improving in every class.

Students can earn points for various reasons, including:

  • Demonstrating exceptional effort
  • Showing improvement
  • Executing excellent technique
  • Showing respect and good behaviour
  • Answering questions correctly
  • Helping others
  • Achieving Goals
  • And more!

The STAR System

We encourage our TKD Kids and Juniors to be Stars both inside and outside of the Dojang. A Martial Artist needs to have more than just the physical skills, and we want our students to succeed in all aspects of their life.Our Star System helps reward our students for their outside achievements and recognises their effort while not wearing the HDMA Uniform.

When a student accomplishes something of note outside of Taekwondo, we love to hear about it! If your child earns an award/certificate/medal/prize from school, sport or other academic achievement, have them bring it to class with them the next time they attend and show our Instructors!

The Instructors will reward them with a Star Patch to be placed on the collar of their uniform. Students are able to earn one star per day, and awards should be brought in within a few days of receiving them. Bring them in fast! Each star will require more and more impressive awards to earn, so keep improving!

This system was designed to assist in motivating our students to continue to strive for excellence both in and outside the Dojang. We want our students to understand that they are a Martial Artist EVERYWHERE, not just within our walls, and should push to improve all the time.

Parents can assist by encouraging their children to achieve, set goals and work towards that next star! If your child's school does not issue awards, come and see our Instructors for advice on how to get involved!

How to place the Stars:

The Stars should be arranged on the collar in the above order! They can be sewn, ironed or both! If you need any additional information on arranging the stars, please see our team!