Our Teen Taekwondo program is fantastic for anyone looking to get fit, learn some awesome skills and gain self-confidence. Our students focus on both physical and mental abilities including Fitness and Social Skills. We help our students become VALUABLE and RESPECTFUL members of society through Taekwondo Training.

Childhood obesity, unhealthy habits, reliance on technology, bulling and overwork are common causes of frustration for teenagers. Taekwondo is a great way to get out of the house, meet new friends, get active and healthy and TAKE A STUDY BREAK! Physical activity is extremely important for growing children.

Taekwondo is far more than the physical activity most people think of when they picture Martial Arts. In addition to all the technical and fitness aspects of Taekwondo, we teach our members the importance of Integrity, Intelligence, Confidence, Avoiding Dangerous Situations, Anti-Bullying Strategies, Perseverance and more.


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