We are excited to announce our New and Improved Taekwondo Grading System in 2023! These changes have been made to help elevate our students by allowing more flexibility in Goal Setting and better suit each student's individual path.

Here is all the important information you need to know!

Kids and Minis Gradings

  • These will continue to occur during regular classes throughout the year.
  • Grading Weeks will be designated and students will be able to demonstrate their skills during those classes to earn their new levels.
  • All students must receive AND return a Grading Recommendation before receiving results.

Gup Gradings

  • Will be held on select Saturday Afternoons throughout 2023.
  • Grading will occur more often (approx every 6 weeks). This allows more flexibility in students being able to attend and plan their year.
  • Due to the additional sessions, we will not be holding Make Up Gradings in 2023.
  • Students will continue to grade a maximum of three times per year.
  • Students will be required to complete all necessary requirements (outlined below) before receiving recommendations.

Receiving Recommendations

Club Culture and Martial Arts Spirit

The first requirement is to give your best effort in class and embody our Martial Arts Values.

Training Time

A minimum time must have elapsed since your last Grading. This time is 45 days for new White Belts and 90 days for Colour Belts.


T o ensure all students have trained a sufficient amount, students must complete a minimum attendance between Gradings:

White Belt – 16 Classes

Yellow Belts – 20 Classes

Blue Belt – 22 Classes

Red Belt – 24 Classes

Syllabus Mastery

Adults will receive their recommendation when completing their syllabus, Junior/Youth/Teen students must have FOUR Stripes on their belt before receiving their recommendation.