Private Lessons are a great way to put in that little extra work on your Martial Arts journey. If you have a specific goal or skill in mind, feel free to make a request when booking your lesson, otherwise you can ask your Instructor's advice on where you might need a little extra assistance.

We have a wide range of Private Tuition options available for our members. If you are interested, please contact one of our Instructors for availability. Private Lessons can cover a wide variety of topics including

  • Taekwondo, Hapkido or Weaponry Syllabus*
  • Sparring, Poomsae or Basic Skills
  • Martial Arts Fitness/Conditioning
  • Relaxation/Meditation or Low Impact Martial Arts
  • Weaponry
  • Tricking (Acrobatic Demonstration Kicking)

*Syllabus related private lessons work best as additional training, not a replacement for regular classes and do not count towards grading requirements for attendance.

Please note that all Private Lessons are subject to Instructor availability and discretion. Please provide 24 hours notice for all cancellations where possible. In the case of repeated cancellations on short notice, a partial or full lesson fee may be charged.