Our Junior Taekwondo program is a great way for children to build Physical, Mental and Emotional Strength and learn the traditional art of Taekwondo! The Junior Taekwondo program is tailored specifically for school age children, and presented in a way that helps your child make the most of classes.

We know that every child is different, with different strengths and challenges. We make sure all of our students have an environment that nurtures their learning speed and helps them improve and grow. Invest in your child's future now!

We strongly believe that it is more now more important than ever to get our kids out of their rooms, away from their screens and learning new and important skills! Our Juniors follow a traditional Taekwondo syllabus presented with modern teaching and learning styles. Our training focusses on providing students with the ability to develop many important personal characteristics such as Focus, Confidence and Discipline!


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