HDMA is proud to offer more than Taekwondo in our Dojang! Our Instructors have trained rigorously in several different styles to bring you access to further training in a wide range of areas. From Self-Defence to Weaponry, there is truly something for everyone at HDMA!

Please note that we offer our Additional Programs to all who are eligible. You are not required to be a member in more than one style! We welcome brand new members of all experience levels to take part in our Hapkido and Weaponry Programs.

Our Self-Defence content is taught as a part of our regular Taekwondo and Hapkido lessons, while Leadership members are chosen from long-time students who embody the spirit of Martial Arts!

Our Additional Programs

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The Art of Self-Defence, including Joint Locking, Striking, Releases, Grappling, Weaponry and more!

Youth Weapons

10 to 12yrs

Master the Basic and Advanced Techniques of the Sword, Long Stick and Short Sticks with age-appropriate training!

Teen & Adult Weapons


Weaponry classes using the Sword, Long Stick and Short Sticks. Learn from the Basics to Advanced and beyond!

Our Further Training

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Included in Regular Classes

Age appropriate training on defending oneself from a wide range of situations and attackers.


By Invitation Only

Build confidence, employability skills and master your own abilities as a part of our Leadership Team!

Private Lessons

By Appointment Only

Whether you need to revisit the basics or learn some new skills, Private Lessons can help you reach your next goals!