Taekwondo is one of the most popular Martial Arts in the world today! It's a dynamic and exciting modern physical activity with all of the traditional and ethical values of an ancient Martial Art. Taekwondo develops both the mind and the body to allow you to create the best version of yourself.

Taekwondo is the Way of the Hand and Foot, and as such encompasses a large variety of striking and kicking techniques. Some of the training aspects include; Technical Training, Poomsae (Patterns), Sparring, Target Kicking and Striking, Board Breaking, Self Defence and more.

Our Taekwondo Programs

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TKD Minis

3 to 4yrs

Pre-school classes focussing on confidence, physical and social development!

TKD Kids

5 to 6yrs

Prepare your child for school ahead with Focus, Confidence and Self-Control!

Junior Taekwondo

7 to 9yrs

Fun classes to teach your children the value of Discipline and Respect!

Youth Taekwondo

10 to 12yrs

These classes will help create strong bodies and minds for their transition to High School!

Teen Taekwondo

13 to 17yrs

Active and engaging classes teaching fundamental and advanced Taekwondo!

Adult Taekwondo

18yrs and over

Improve your Physical Fitness, Strength, Confidence and Skills in Adult Taekwondo!