• Introduction
  • Accreditations
  • Achievements

I began my Taekwondo career in 1977, after attending a Taekwondo demonstration by Master Jeong Tae Kim, who had just migrated to Australia from Korea, after winning the First World Heavy Weight Championship. (Gold Medallist in 1973). I was so impressed by the dynamics of the demonstration, that I immediately wanted to commence lessons. Master Kim's ability inspired me to train 110%. I began classes at Gladesville, the suburb where I grew up, went to school and also ran my own business. After having trained for 18 months, I attained the level of Black Belt, having previous martial arts experience, (reaching the level of Black Belt in Karate). Soon after attaining my First Dan, Master Kim invited me to teach at some of his classes and also encouraged me to open my own school.

I began teaching in the Hills District at Kellyville, where I began my career as an Instructor. As a competitor, I participated in State and National Competitions. I ended my career as a competitor in 1984 at the Australian National Championships in Perth. I attained my Class 4 Refereeing Accreditation and from there I proceeded to First Class National Referee. In 1993 I attained my International Referee status as a P Class Referee in Madison Square Garden, New York. I have had many memorable experiences as an International Referee, my major experience being representing Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Hills District Taekwondo has been operating for twenty five years and over that period of time I have seen many changes and developments in Taekwondo practices. On the competition arena, Hills District Taekwondo has produced many State and National Champions.

I cannot compare Taekwondo with anything else in this world! I owe so much to this art, for everything that I have experienced and achieved. I have had many opportunities to enrich my life and the same opportunities are available to each and every one of you today. It is no coincidence that most Black Belts run businesses and/or hold key positions and are good at their school work.



Taekwondo (Kukkiwon) – 8th Dan Grandmaster

Taekwondo (Jidokwan) – 8th Dan Grandmaster

Hapkido (Korea Kido Association) – 7th Dan

Hapkido (Korea Hapkido Federation) – 6th Dan

Hapkido (International Self Defence) – 6th Dan

Haidong Gumdo – 4th Dan

Arnis de Mano – Black Belt

International S Class Referee

Working With Children Certified

First Aid Certified


2013 International Taekwondo Hall of Fame Inductee

2000 Sydney Olympic Games Referee

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Referee

Previous Positions Held

Treasurer – Australian Taekwondo Association

Secretary General – Australian Taekwondo Association

National Referee Chairman – Taekwondo Australia

Technical Advisor – Australian Sports Commission Olympic Athlete Program