• Introduction
  • Accreditations
  • Achievements

I began Taekwondo in 1992, after I saw a Taekwondo Class running at the local school in Bangkok, Thailand. Taekwondo was my favourite and best childhood memory, I always looked forward to training. Ever since I was a colour belt, I helped by assisting in classes. When I attained my Black Belt, my instructor invited me to teach at some of his schools. That’s where my journey as an Instructor began.

In 2007, I came to Sydney, I had a great opportunity to meet Grandmaster Sam Loiacono, who invited me to be Referee in Australia.

Since I moved to Australia, I never really imagined I would become an Instructor again. Grandmaster Sam gave me a fantastic opportunity and invited me to Hills District Martial Arts, which provided me with a lifestyle that I can do the things I love, and teach others who share that passion.

Taekwondo has given me a great life both physically and mentally, and given me so many opportunities. It helped me to discover the world and helped me to be a better person every day.


Taekwondo (Kukkiwon) – 6th Dan

Taekwondo (Jidokwan) – 6th Dan

Hapkido (Korean Kido Association) – 4th Dan

Hapkido (Korea Hapkido Federation) – 2nd Dan

Hapkido (International Self Defence) – 3rd Dan

HDMA Weaponry – 4th Dan

Arnis de Mano – Black Belt


International World Taekwondo Sparring Referee

Australian Taekwondo Referee Presenter

1st Class National Referee

International Olympic Comitee – Certificate of Olympic Solidarity on Technical Course for Coaching

National Coaching Accreditation (Australian Taekwondo)

Certificate of National Taekwondo Coach (Sport Authority of Thailand)

Certificate of Sport Science Workshop on Modern Endurance Training (Sport Authority Thailand)

Former Member of Sport Medecine Team of Taekwondo (Thailand National Team)

Bachelor Degree of Sport Science