On Saturday, 17 of our senior members attended their Black Belt Grading to test for their next level in their Beyond Black Belt Journey.

As expected, they all displayed a high level of knowledge and skill, and we could not be more proud of the performance they put forward!

Each member displayed their ability in Technical Skills, Sparring, Poomsae, Self Defence, Step Sparring and Board Breaking. Everyone showed the results of their training through a different few years, demonstrating their Indomitable Spirit and dedication to their art.

A special congratulations to Jack Strawhan (3rd Dan) and Nancy Kaakoush (2nd Dan) on achieving their full Dan levels. Looking forward to seeing even more improvement and dedication into the future!

Grading Members and Results

  • Kern Sharma – 5th Dan Bo
  • Hazel Finney – 4th Dan Bo
  • Emily Seow – 4th Dan Bo
  • Lucy Brown – 4th Dan Bo
  • Jack Strawhan – 3rd Dan
  • Oscar Strachan – 3rd Dan Bo
  • Isabella Lawton – 3rd Dan Bo
  • Joel Holik – 3rd Dan Bo
  • Joshua Lawton – 3rd Dan Bo
  • Daniel Cook – 3rd Dan Bo
  • Nancy Kaakoush – 2nd Dan
  • Mario Cardona – 2nd Dan Bo
  • Craig Weller – 2nd Dan Bo
  • Madison Weller – 2nd Dan Bo
  • Luke Simmons – 2nd Dan Bo
  • Luca Burgio – 2nd Dan Bo
  • Vincent Musolino – 2nd Dan Bo