On Sunday August 21st we held out Winter Gup Grading for Colour belt students 7yrs and older. It was a full day of all students performing through a wide range of technical exercises including Technical Skills, Poomsae, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Sparring and Board Breaking.

We were also lucky to host Grandmaster Sam Loiacono, our club founder, for all sessions. Grandmaster Sam created HDMA 40yrs ago and was very pleased to see all of our students putting in their best effort throughout the day.

All sessions were fantastic, with all students doing their utmost to ensure they earned their next result. A massive congratulations to all students, we are very proud of you!

A BIG Congratulations to our new Black Belts! All the best for your next Journey BEYOND BLACK BELT!

  • Ritika Gray
  • Dylan Gray
  • Aikem Singh
  • Navarro Manfre

Another congratulations to our trophy recipients!

IMPROVEMENT AWARD – Joel Zeon, Grace Lo, Kyle He

POOMSAE AWARD – Kayden Wong, Ayden Lee, Aleena Khan

SPARRING AWARD – Xavier Comito, Isabelle Kitching, Oliver Khamis

BREAKING AWARD – Christiana Cruz, Oliver Yu

Thank you to all of our Instructors and Senior Students who attended to assist with the day!